A yvalik is an olive variety originated from the north Aegean Region of Anatolia which once was the kingdom of Lydia. It is predominantly an oil variety. The time of fruit ripening is intermediate. It has small, spherical-shaped fruit that turns purple when completely mature.

Aegean Region, Turkey
A brief history

A egean coast of Turkey is lined by a succession of modern cities with palm-lined avenues and liberal attitudes, towns with old quarters that are filled with elegant turn of the 20th century neo-classical architecture, and ruins of what were once major powers of the Mediterranean in ancient times

All backed by fertile valleys and hills, sides of which are dotted with picturesque villages and large oliveyards—which help to make Turkey one of the biggest producers of olive oil in the world. It's little wonder that much of ancient art and philosophy—from Aristotle to Homer, many were citizens of cities along this coast—was developed in this land of wine and honey, which has a favourable climate year round.

Olive grows in Anatolia, the land of several civilizations, for 6000 years and dedicates peace, health and beauty to this land. Olive is also Mediterranean people’s long life formula. It is fascinatling just like Dado; delicious and traditional just like nokcha. This resembles the common value of two civilizations.Klazomenai, the olive city of 6th century, exists in Aegean region. Recently, the evidence of the first olive trading was found in Urla, the village of Izmir.

An important workshop used for exportation added a new information to the history. Just like the 1300-year-old tree found in Mut, or the olive oil stores found in Izmir, or the words about Kücükkuyu that are used by Zeus in Iliad: “There is a place between Aegean’s blue and Ida’s green, I have never eaten such a breakfast with delicious kinds of olives in an atmosphere where there is a strong smell of thyme. That place is called GARGARA.”

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